wet dry vacuum

Get the Best Wet Dry Vacuum

A wet dry vacuum can pick up both solids and liquids alike, with small portable ones made for home and industrial cleaners for big jobs.

When you need a really heavy duty vacuum, you just can’t go wrong with a wet dry vacuum.  That’s because they are just more durable and versatile than any other type that you’re ever going to find, and as a result of such, are widely referred to as a shop vac.  That’s because they feature the ability to vacuum up debris on literally any type of surface or condition, so that you can be sure you have cleaning power that you can count on, when you really need to clean.  There are a few different types of wet dry vacuum out there as well, so you’re assured of finding something really ideal for your needs.

When you’re after any style of cleaning appliance, you really can’t go wrong with a vacuum like this. That’s because they are just so durable, and are assured of providing you with cleaning power that you can count on.  What makes wet dry vacuums so special, is just that they are able to vacuum in both wet and dry conditions.  While it can be dangerous to use a standard vacuum on a wet surface, these are made to work in either, so that you can be sure that you have the cleaning power that you need, when you need it.  They are commonly used in shops, just because they are perfect for literally any condition that you could end up encountering.Wet Dry Vacuum

Of course, when you’re looking for the right type of best wet dry vac for auto detailing   , what you’re also going to find is that there are a few choices to make.  Namely on the style of vacuum that you’re actually looking for.  When you need a more powerful vacuum, particularly for use around a shop or garage, you’re going to want a powerful canister vacuum.  But when you’re looking for something more easily used in the home, you can’t go wrong with an upright wet dry vacuum.  That’s because these are made just like any other standard vacuum that you’ll find in most houses, and so are easy to adapt to your property.

What’s more, you can even find wet dry vacuums in handheld formats as well, so that you can be sure you have that quick burst of cleaning power when you need it as well.  With a handheld vac like this, you’re going to be able to literally get to any mess in a flash.  Whether it’s some dirt from a household plant, or practically anything else that’s been spilled on the floor, you’re assured of being able to take care of it in a flash.  Plus they feature all the speed and portability that you expect from a handheld.

Buying the perfect wet dry vacuum isn’t too difficult either, as you can find them just about everywhere.  Through all sorts of appliance retailers like Sears as well as stores like Best Buy, you can find just what you’re looking for.  There is bound to be a wet dry vacuum for your cleaning needs, and you just have to find that one that’s going to get the job done.

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Bakers Rack

Find the Best Storage Bakers Rack

In many homes, fine china and other beautiful kitchen accessories never see the light of day. They’re hidden away in a hard-to-reach storage cabinet where they’re soon forgotten and seldom enjoyed. Storage bakers racks are a great place to store and display fine dishware or other collectibles. These handy decorative racks feature rows of stylish shelves or drawers and doors for storing just about anything. They’re not only useful in the kitchen, but they look attractive in the living or dining room with plants and other decorative accents. Storage bakers racks come in a variety of styles and are made using many materials and finishes. They’re a great addition to any home’s décor.

Traditional style racks are generally constructed of wrought iron or metal and available in many finishes. They often have elegant swirling or leaf patterns. The simple design found in most contemporary racks ensure they never compete with displayed items. Country racks add a bit of cozy comfort to the kitchen or dining area. Display a few trendy decorative plates and it’s easy to create a “shabby chic” element.

There are also kitchen bakers rack storage with baskets that are designed to fit any space in the home. From short and wide to tall and thin, they’ll fit neatly anywhere. Tall, slender racks look stunning in the corner of a room and wider ones are perfect for a larger space. They’re much more than a rack of shelves; they’re a neat and charming way to decorate.

Storage bakers racks come in many materials including stainless steel, copper and wrought iron. Some are also made of materials such as glass and metal and define modern simplicity. Other wooden racks are sturdy and rustic, making them great for displaying handmade pottery and plants.

Don’t keep your collectibles hidden from view, consider displaying a few of your favorite things in a storage bakers rack. They’re a fabulous way to decorate and brighten any room.

How to Decorate a Bakers Rack

Bakers RackThere are dozens of ways to decorate a bakers rack. They can be decorated using any theme or style. Bakers racks are a perfect starting point from which to build as you decorate your home. They are the perfect way to display decorative items. We’ve come up with a few ideas of how to decorate a bakers rack. With a little imagination and a stylish bakers rack, you can create your own unique look.

Bakers racks are fabulous for displaying favorite collections. Porcelain dolls or teddy bears look darling sitting on a rack in a child’s room. An antique collection would look stunning displayed on a bakers rack in the family room or den. Fine china or homemade pottery would decorate any kitchen bakers rack. For men, a bakers rack is a suitable place for a miniature car or trophy collection in a bedroom, family room or den.

Decorative Storage
Sometimes a bakers rack is much more than a decorative furniture accent, it needs to be a functional storage solution. They make it easy to neatly store items and add a unique decorative flair to any environment. They make perfect bookshelves. By adding a plant or a couple of candles, the bookshelf is transformed into something beautiful. They’re also great for storing spices and other cooking supplies.

Sizes and Styles
There are bakers racks to fit every space and decorative style. They come in a variety of sizes, from slim corner racks to wide wall racks. Contemporary styles feature unique, geometric designs and patterns. They’re often made of materials such as glass and metal and are the ultimate in modern simplicity. There are many traditional styles of bakers racks as well. They are generally constructed of wood and metal and are available in many finishes. Traditional bakers racks often have elegant swirling or leaf patterns.

Decorating just got easier with an attractive and versatile baker’s rack. Whether you’re looking for a stylish shelf for the cookbooks or a place for your son to display his action figure collection, there is certainly a bakers rack to fit anyone’s decorative and storage needs.


distortion pedals

6 Tips for Getting the Most out of your Distortion Pedal

So, you’ve just bought that new distortion pedal you’ve been checking out, and for some reason it’s just not delivering the sounds you expected. This is a common occurrence for most people when buying new gear, and below are some things to take into consideration when your distortion pedal is not performing up to your standards.

1. Your distortion pedal does not match your style of playing

There are three main types of distortion pedals; Distortion, Fuzz and Overdrive.

Each of these create different guitar tones that may/may not fit into your desired style of playing, and this is why you never want to buy a distortion pedal without either hearing, or playing it first.

  • Distortion – A straight distortion pedal will offer increased sustain, gain and attack, and their levels can range from mild distortion to full blown metal. They fit well into almost all rock and metal genres.
  • Overdrive – Overdrive pedals are designed to give your guitar a tone similar to that coming out of a quality tube amp with the gain turned up. They are great for adding an edge to your sound while also preserving the nuances of your playing. They do not provide the same level of sustain and gain as distortion pedals do, but are perfect for classic rock and blues. Their tone can be described as “warm”.
  • Fuzz – A fuzz pedal allows you to turn up your amp and get some wild tones from your guitar. Jimi Hendrix made these types of pedals famous with his signature sound, and just like his pedals, your fuzz will provide a thick, sustain rich distortion. These types of pedals fit right into hard rock, blues and stoner rock. Guitarists from both the  Black Keys and White Stripes are current examples of rock bands that utilize the fuzz tone.distortion pedals

2. Your distortion pedals settings are not adjust correctly

Even the best pedals might require some tweaking to get their tone just right, and properly adjusting the settings is the preferred way to do this. Most distortion pedals will have, at the least, a volume, tone and distortion setting.

  • Volume – This adjusts the output level of the pedal when it is engaged. You want to balance this level with your clean tone, because if both are at completely different levels, then switching between them will make your transitions sound unnatural. It is common though for your distortion pedals volume to be set higher than your clean tone so you get that extra attack of gain.
  • Tone – No surprise here with this setting, it will alter your overall tone. It works by adjusting the mix of the highs and lows that are produced. My advice is to set the knob at 12 o’clock and tweak it as you play until it sounds just right.
  • Distortion – This will adjust the level of distortion, over drive or fuzz that your pedal pushes out. It is generally a personal preference, so you if you like a lot of gain, turn it up.

3. Your effects pedal chain is not ordered correctly

Overtime, guitarists can accumulate a wide variety of effects pedals, and in order to play them at the same time, they are placed in a effects chain. Effects chains consist of numerous pedals that are are linked together, and the ordering of them can play a big role in your tone because some pedals could effectively zap your distortion pedal’s power/tone.

4. Your distortion pedal’s batteries are weak/dying.

Although some people actually like the tones produced by their pedals when using weak batteries, some of us might not. If you are concerned with your pedal’s tone changing over the life of you battery you may want to consider purchasing an AC Adapter.

5. You are using an old or inferior guitar cable.

A guitar cable is the lifeline to your amp, and if you are not using a quality cable, neither your guitar’s tone, or your pedal’s tone will sound their best.

6. Your amp settings are not adjusted correctly

Just like the settings on your effects pedals, your amp settings also need to be fine tuned to get the perfect sound. This again, is somewhat of a personal preference and I am mentioning it basically as a reminder. If you are not satisfied with your guitar tone, making a few minor adjustments on the amp could make a world of difference. Also check out for the best Joyo pedals review for high quality guitar effect Pedals.

Best Espresso Coffee Machines

An espresso coffee machine is an essential piece of kit in many households where people really appreciate this great beverage. If you are someone that savors a freshly made cup of coffee, the aroma of those coffee means sends out the signal that a great cup of coffee has just been made.

Here you will find lots of high quality information about espresso coffee machines. There are essentially three types of espresso coffee machine which include your manual types, your semi automatic types and your super automatics. The problem you will encounter is deciding which one is the best for you. Which one is the most suitable for your needs. This is an important decision which we will help you cover here.

What you need to consider when purchasing an espresso coffee machine is

  • How easy it is to use
  • How much user control does it require
  • What the differences are between espresso machines.

Let’s consider what types are available..

Espresso Machines That Are Pump Driven

Now if you are a real traditionalist or like the process of making espresso manually, then an old style pump driven espresso machine is going to set your world on fire. They have really good frothers which are more than adequate enough for use in the house. There are also semi-automatic machines that are easier to use compared with the ‘completely manual’ ones and they are good products.

Introducing The One Touch System

This espresso coffee machine system triggers the extraction process using a touch pad. Once it is activated the machine gets on with the extraction until a set volume of espresso coffee has been delivered. It then switches off by itself. How neat is that ! This kind of machine is commonly used in restaurants and cafeterias, but they can also be used at home too.

Espresso Coffee Machine On Steroids – The Super Automatic

These machines take just a percentage of the time other machines take to make espresso coffee. These are like the bodybuilding equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger 🙂 They have reserves for water and integrated grinders for the coffee. They are the showcase machines when it comes to push button operation.

Once you press the brew activation button, the super automatic espresso machine then gets to work grinding the precise quantity of coffee beans, packs the beans it has ground up and then goes on to extract a pre-programmed quantity of espresso coffee. The coffee that remains is deposited into a container housed internally.

These espresso coffee machines are hugely popular and have lots of positive advantages over the other kinds of espresso coffee machines, but they are obviously overkill for someone that wants to use one in the house. For commercial purposes they are an ideal type of espresso coffee machine. They are  best to use though might be costly but you can also find the best espresso machine under 200 on the market.

Coffee Machine And Grinder – A Perfect Coffee Double Act

There is a sizable range of coffee machine and grinder packages available. This type of coffee machine grounds the coffee beans fresh before it makes your coffee. You can taste the difference this makes.

With this is mind, you no longer have to give a thought to grinding or straining the coffee yourself. However, you don’t necessarily need to have the coffee machine and grinder together. You can still make a great cup of coffee with an espresso coffee machine and a separate grinder. The flavor is something else.

It is important to match the coffee machine and grinder so that you get the best cup of coffee possible. The grinder has to work so that it grinds up the coffee beans in a way that doesn’t cause problems with the coffee machine itself. A lot of the entry level grinders do a perfectly good job, but it’s something to bear in mind.

A lot of the coffee grinders available these days are electric. There are still some you can buy which are manual. You may want to try both and see which one suits you best. If it’s speed and convenience you are looking for,then go for an electric one. Manual coffee grinders are great as a portable option if you don’t have plug sockets to hand. Why not make coffee on the beach and watch the sunset. Maybe that’s going a bit too far, but you get the idea.

For use in the home there are lots of coffee machines and grinders you can look at with a view to purchase. I would recommend you choose a coffee machine and grinder which goes through the whole process for you, unless you don’t have the budget, in which case opt for a manual coffee grinder and machine combination.

Best Window Fans for Cooling- The Ultimate Guide

All of us are used to using air conditioners but every time we get our summer electric bill month, it still surprises us. The bills just seem to increase every month so it is practical to look for other cooling devices that won’t cost you as much as air conditioning units. It´s a good thing that there are all sorts of fans that you can choose from including a whole house fan.

A whole house fan allows you to save money because it does not use up that much electricity compared with air conditioning units. It can be installed in any type of house whether you have a newly built home or an old one.

2 main purposes of installing whole house fans

•    Cooling purposes
•    Ventilation purposes

If you are using the window fan to cool your home, you can opt to get a whole house fan and attach it to your ceiling to freshen the entire house. The fan will act as an exhaust where warm air is drawn out and released outside. In order for cool air to come in your home the windows need to be opened.

If the reason for getting a fan is to remove odors in areas of your house particularly the basement, you can get a basement window fan and this can be installed on a window frame in your basement. It still makes use of the same process wherein the fan removes stale air carrying it outside of the house passing through the opening in the fan.

Other parts of the house that could also benefit from the use of an exhaust fan to get rid of odors are bathrooms and kitchens.  You can buy a window mounted fan that you can simply fit in your window so you won’t need to create a hole for it. These window fans often have adjustable side panels that you can bring up or down depending on the size of your window. This will cover any gaps between the fan and the window frame to prevent insects from getting into your home.

Using installed fans are preferable in places where the climate is mild like tropical areas. The best time of the day to turn on your fan is early in the morning or at night where the temperature outside is cooler than the temperature inside the house.  For the rest of the day, it is best to use freestanding fans that circulate the air and create a cooler atmosphere from the movement of air, rather than transfer of cooler air from outside.

Basement Window Fan

Keeping your basement free from all kinds of smells can be difficult especially because most basement windows are small.  The small window opening does not provide enough air flow to get rid of odors that can develop in the basement. The best way to remedy this problem is by installing an exhaust fan in your basement. Exhaust fans work efficiently in removing stale air and moisture in any areas of the house, particularly the basement.

An exhaust is also a great solution for mold and mildew in your basement.  Humidity can result in the production of moisture in different parts of your basement where mold and mildew can thrive. In time, these areas prone by mold and mildew can become damaged leaving your basement looking unattractive and also an unhealthy environment.  Let us first understand where these moisture is coming from so we can effectively address the problem.

Formation of moisture

The warm air is the culprit in the production of moisture. The warmer the air, the more humidity it can produce. When the warm air cools it gives of moisture. So when the warm air in your basement comes in contact with cold surfaces like your appliances or the walls or windows, those surfaces will become damp.

Air circulation

Dampness in your basement is reduced when there is proper circulation and a basement window fan can give you adequate circulation. If your basement is large with a lot of stored items, consider getting a twin window fan. You might also have to get rid of some things that you won’t need in your basement to ensure that the air can flow freely within various areas of your basement so there will be proper circulation to avoid the formation of moisture.

There are 3 types of exhaust fans: window fan, wall fan and whole house fan.

The window fan is the most common type of exhaust fan that is available. It is fitted in a window hole and it usually comes with an adjustable side panel so if the window is huge, you can just adjust the panel to cover the holes then install the fan.

Wall fans are fully installed fans that require a certain amount of planning and are not generally installed after the building of your home is completed.  This means that you have to create a hole on the wall which is of the same size with the wall fan so you can install it. This is useful if your windows have nice view and you don’t want to block the view by installing window exhaust fans.

A type of exhaust fan that vents through the attic is called a whole house fan. When using a whole house fan, you need to open the windows so it can draw air in to cool the room. The problem with a whole house fan is that the breeze that comes in can bring pollens and other allergens which might cause allergies to members of your family.

Twin Window Fan

A twin window fan can be simply be identified by the two blades you will see inside the fan. The blades are placed side by side. This type of fan can be adjusted in 3 levels: low, medium and high. The two blades can either work as one or they can work separately depending on how you set it up.

One advantage of a twin window fan is its ability to fit into almost any size window.  Twin fans come with adjustable side panels, so no matter what the size of your window is, the fan will surely fit.

There are all kinds of exhaust fans available with the main function of keeping the room temperature at a comfortable level. A whole house fan is just one of the many examples of fans you can find in the market.  It can lower the temperature of a room in a matter of minutes.  However, a cool outside temperature is needed so the fan can supply adequate relief inside the room.

How exhaust fans work

–    Exhaust fans like a whole house fan or a window mounted fan are positioned in strategic areas of your home. Usually it is mounted in your attic or in different areas within your home.
–    The fans work best whenever the temperature outside is lower than the temperature inside of the home.
–    The cool air then enters the room resulting to a much lower temperature
–    Some air inside the room, particularly the warm air is pulled towards the attic by the fan further lowering the temperature.
–    The air in the attic is expelled outside due to the positive pressure or the whole house fan system.
–    Negative pressure is created in different areas of the house thus cool air is drawn from the outside.

Disadvantage of exhaust fans

–    Unfiltered air comes in through the open window, bringing in particles such as pollens. This can pose a problem if someone in the house is allergic to pollens and the like.
–    The fan can create too much noise especially old models. The sound is created by the rapid rotation of the fan blades.
–    During winter, heat can escape through the ceiling if the opening is not insulated or closed securely.

Home owners are gradually realizing the many benefits they can achieve when using an exhaust fan. They don’t only have lower electric bills but they are also helping in the green movement which aids in protecting our environment.  Thus an exhaust fan is a practical addition in any home particularly in tropical areas where the temperature is usually moderate to warm all year round.

Air Mattress Bed for Back pain

Have you considered buying an air mattress bed for your aching back? Did you come here expecting enthusiastic support for your decision? Are you expecting me to tell you, definitively, that a particular style of air mattress such as the Sleep Number bed is the right solution for precisely your problem? Well, hang on to your hat because you won’t get that here.


A site about air mattress beds not supporting them as a cure for back pain? Well, I’m being a bit tricky. CAN a mattresses help with back pain? Sure. WILL they ALWAYS? No. That’s the rub. It isn’t a matter of whether or not I feel they can offer a solution (one very well might), it’s that I’m not going to commit my integrity (or your money) to a solution that might not be the right one for you.

Any mattress that, with absolute conviction, sells itself as a definite cure for back pain is suckering its consumers out of their hard earned dollars. The truth is that a flat board with a half inch of foam on it might be the right cure for you.

I simply have no way of knowing, and neither do air mattress bed manufacturers, what the right requirements are for you specifically. What they can tell you with reasonable honesty is how independent testing has rated their beds relative to other styles and in that regard, air mattress beds do fairly well.

Air mattress beds such as the Sleep Number bed often are a fantastic solution for back pain relief. The customizable nature of adjustable air mattresses alone is a major factor behind that. My own back problems were alleviated after switching mattresses.

But, I don’t attribute my success to any of the best air mattress beds I have used so much as an ancient Chinese secret I’ll reveal later. In some cases, however, a memory-foam mattress may be the better solution for your back problems. In others, a particular brand of innerspring mattress is the right solution. What’s the common theme here? No one brand or style of mattress is going to be the universal solution for all people.

If you do suffer from chronic back pain you can begin your search for the right mattress for you by applying some of the knowledge you’ve hopefully learned here.

Consult with your physician and if he/she is honest, you’ll receive some simple wisdom such as “some people report improvement from sleeping on air mattresses” or “your condition might be best served by a very firm mattress.” That information being about as useful as what I’ve offered so far in this post, let’s get to the real best solution for you.

The best thing for your back is sleeping on a mattress that affords good back support, promotes healthy curvature of the spine and is very comfortable. If you can find all three in a single mattress, you’ve probably found the mattress that will help you with your back pain. The last item, comfort, is very important, though. The bottom line is that no amount of ergonomic engineering will matter to you if you can’t get comfortable enough to sleep well.

The hard part here is that finding the right mattress to alleviate back pain isn’t like finding which candy bar you like best. Mattresses are expensive.

In finding a mattress that’s good for your back, take several minutes to test each model in the store. This will give you at least a glimpse into what you can expect when you get the mattress home. More importantly, though, ensure that your purchase comes with a generous satisfaction guarantee and return policy.

You won’t know until you’ve invested a week or two sleeping on your new mattress if it is the right one for you. Select Comfort offered a one month trial period at one point (and may still) on their Sleep Number bed which, to me, was a major selling point. Try to find something similar in your purchase.

So, the answer to your question is that, yes, air mattress beds of varying styles can do wonders for back pain relief but there are no guarantees. Your best bet is to test a variety of mattresses and ensure you are protected should you later determine the mattress is not right for you.

Oh, and that ancient Chinese secret for curing back pain? Stop carrying your wallet in your back pocket. I did, found relief in weeks and I haven’t had back problems in the 5 years since.

Best mattress for back pain is not something that you can be generic about.

It is as simple as this, the mattress that you feel most comfortable with and that does not give you lower back pain is the best mattress for you. If the mattress gives you a good nights sleep, and you wake up with no stiffness, then that is the right mattress for you.

The best mattress for back pain however should provide the right support for the spine.

There are many mattresses out there with springs and coils as support with a 2-3 inch foam covering, and to me that is the old school mattress. So, choosing the best mattress for lower back pain is a very personal affair. There are however new technologies that make the process a lot easier. It has been clinically proven though that medium softness mattresses with good back support, does the best job in terms of lower back pain. The best mattress for back pain is thus a mattress that is medium soft and allows for good spine support.

The best mattress for back pain is a mattress that strikes the balance between comfort and firmness to support the spine. Choosing a mattress that is too firm, will most likely give you shoulder pain, so it is important to strike the balance between the two. You can go and read some mattress reviews, to decide what suits your needs or you can go and look at the new technology which is the memory foam mattress. In my opinion, this is the best mattress for the money that you will be spending.

When is it time to get a new mattress? When your mattress starts to visibly sag in the middle it is time to replace your mattress. The best mattress for lower back pain is as I have already said, is a memory foam mattress.

This mattress has been specifically designed to keep the spine straight, and provide the best support for the spine. The best mattress for back pain has been clinically proven to stop the annoying lower back pain that some of us wake up with in the morning, which keeps us tired and without energy all day long. If you are struggling with lower back pain, the best mattress for back pain is your solution. Here is to a good nights sleep.