Bakers Rack

Find the Best Storage Bakers Rack

In many homes, fine china and other beautiful kitchen accessories never see the light of day. They’re hidden away in a hard-to-reach storage cabinet where they’re soon forgotten and seldom enjoyed. Storage bakers racks are a great place to store and display fine dishware or other collectibles. These handy decorative racks feature rows of stylish shelves or drawers and doors for storing just about anything. They’re not only useful in the kitchen, but they look attractive in the living or dining room with plants and other decorative accents. Storage bakers racks come in a variety of styles and are made using many materials and finishes. They’re a great addition to any home’s décor.

Traditional style racks are generally constructed of wrought iron or metal and available in many finishes. They often have elegant swirling or leaf patterns. The simple design found in most contemporary racks ensure they never compete with displayed items. Country racks add a bit of cozy comfort to the kitchen or dining area. Display a few trendy decorative plates and it’s easy to create a “shabby chic” element.

There are also kitchen bakers rack storage with baskets that are designed to fit any space in the home. From short and wide to tall and thin, they’ll fit neatly anywhere. Tall, slender racks look stunning in the corner of a room and wider ones are perfect for a larger space. They’re much more than a rack of shelves; they’re a neat and charming way to decorate.

Storage bakers racks come in many materials including stainless steel, copper and wrought iron. Some are also made of materials such as glass and metal and define modern simplicity. Other wooden racks are sturdy and rustic, making them great for displaying handmade pottery and plants.

Don’t keep your collectibles hidden from view, consider displaying a few of your favorite things in a storage bakers rack. They’re a fabulous way to decorate and brighten any room.

How to Decorate a Bakers Rack

Bakers RackThere are dozens of ways to decorate a bakers rack. They can be decorated using any theme or style. Bakers racks are a perfect starting point from which to build as you decorate your home. They are the perfect way to display decorative items. We’ve come up with a few ideas of how to decorate a bakers rack. With a little imagination and a stylish bakers rack, you can create your own unique look.

Bakers racks are fabulous for displaying favorite collections. Porcelain dolls or teddy bears look darling sitting on a rack in a child’s room. An antique collection would look stunning displayed on a bakers rack in the family room or den. Fine china or homemade pottery would decorate any kitchen bakers rack. For men, a bakers rack is a suitable place for a miniature car or trophy collection in a bedroom, family room or den.

Decorative Storage
Sometimes a bakers rack is much more than a decorative furniture accent, it needs to be a functional storage solution. They make it easy to neatly store items and add a unique decorative flair to any environment. They make perfect bookshelves. By adding a plant or a couple of candles, the bookshelf is transformed into something beautiful. They’re also great for storing spices and other cooking supplies.

Sizes and Styles
There are bakers racks to fit every space and decorative style. They come in a variety of sizes, from slim corner racks to wide wall racks. Contemporary styles feature unique, geometric designs and patterns. They’re often made of materials such as glass and metal and are the ultimate in modern simplicity. There are many traditional styles of bakers racks as well. They are generally constructed of wood and metal and are available in many finishes. Traditional bakers racks often have elegant swirling or leaf patterns.

Decorating just got easier with an attractive and versatile baker’s rack. Whether you’re looking for a stylish shelf for the cookbooks or a place for your son to display his action figure collection, there is certainly a bakers rack to fit anyone’s decorative and storage needs.