Hand Held Steamers

Best Hand Held Steamers for Cleaning your Home

Hand held portable steamers are great for removing wrinkles and stains in clothing as well as removing bacteria from furnishings throughout the home. I like to be sure things are really clean, and being lazy, I want the machine to do all the work, so I don’t have to scrub.

When looking for one of these, you may be looking for one that has a lot of extra attachments and allows you to take care of hard to reach places, or you may be searching for something lightweight and portable and easy to set up. However, many are relatively easy and comfortable to use. There are several top rated hand held steamers for cleaning to choose from here.

Top-rated handheld steamers

These are affordable and easy to use. Great for really getting to grips with spring cleaning.
Hand Held Steamers
Hand Held Steamers


Steamfast Everyday

This is one of the best hand held steamers for cleaning according to Amazon reviewers with 4.5 stars. It is extremely lightweight, weighing no more than 3 pounds. It’s compact for easy storage, portable and has a 12.5 foot long power cord.

This unit uses no chemicals at all and kills germs on everything from the kitchen sink to tiles in the bathroom. You will have up to 15 minutes of cleaning time before you will need to refill the 6oz water container. It takes 10 minutes to cool off and about three minutes to start. Once it gets hot, be careful not to put your fingers at the end of the hose to avoid burning yourself.

This model also comes with six extra attachments including large and small nylon brushes and a small brass brush.

Wagner 915

Wagner 915 received four stars from more than 150 Amazon reviewers. With no chemicals, the steam kills bacteria and germs throughout the home. It has a fingertip control for easy on and off steam.

It comes with several extra attachments, depending on what area of the house you are working on. For example, it includes a handle rest, utility brushes, floor brush and cloth, and a window squeegee. A measuring cup and a fill funnel are included.

The Wagner is used quite often to remove wallpaper which is about 20% faster than non-pressurized models. It comes with an eight foot steam hose which allows you to work in larger areas of the home. Two extension tubes also come with the machine. The Wagner is somewhat lightweight, weighing about 17 pounds. It takes 120 volts and gives 1,500-Watts on-demand

Hoover TwinTank WH20100

This Hoover TwinTank WH20100 machine disinfects 99.9 percent of all germs, bacteria, and allergens. This has a two tank system, allowing you to use just steam or chemicals.

The chemicals used in this professional carpet steam cleaner are 100 percent biodegradable and non-toxic which allows you to take proper care of your home without worrying about harming your children, pets, or the environment. It’s portable and has additional parts such as brushes, a glass tool, and detailing tools. The Hoover received four stars from its Amazon reviewers.

Are These Good Steamers for Cleaning Your Home?

For old cupboards, musty drapes and mudroom corners you can’t beat steam for a real clean. We just got a steam mop and it is so fast and easy. Things dry so fast and it is so simple and quick to use for taking care of tile and hardwood flooring.


Scunci SS1000

Some of the best hand held steamers for cleaning continues with Scunci’s Hand Held model. It sanitizes and deodorizes only using steam. There are no chemicals that come with it, but it has useful attachments

It has a large water tank that allows a longer time for use at about 20 minutes. It’s lightweight at seven pounds and portable. You will need to wait four to five minutes for the unit to heat up and before refilling the container with more water you will need to wait for it to cool off.

Disinfecting handheld steam cleaners

If you have family members with health issues, have big messy pets, or just need things spotless and bacteria-free without sloshing chemicals all over, these are ideal. The Hoover solution actually smells pretty fresh and pleasant if you decide to use it.
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