Effective Ways of Establishing Cockroach Control

Although cockroach control is undeniably an unpleasant task that no one wants to face, it is not such an impossible feat, especially if the right procedure is followed.

A truly effective cockroach control not only involves placing bait stations and applying insecticides, it also involves getting rid of food and water sources that lure them in, and blocking their entry to the house, exterminating their entire population with insecticides to prevent reinfestation.

Cockroach Control Step 1:  Eliminating their Food and Water Sources

Cockroach Control

Keep in mind that these domestic pests would not have survived inside your home if they didn’t have any food and water to keep them alive. Although they nest in dark crawlspaces beneath the house or inside walls, cockroaches frequent ill-maintained kitchens where there is usually an endless supply of food crumbs and drink spills. The first important step in good cockroach control is get rid of these food and water sources as much as possible.

Organize a general house cleaning. Cockroaches in dark and damp places such as beneath your kitchen sink, under heavy and unmoved appliances such as refrigerators and stoves. Sweep and mop these areas with disinfectant soap and water. Continue doing so once a week until you are sure that reinfestation will not occur.

Clean counter and kitchen tops, as well as your dining table, with a cloth soaked in mild disinfectant every after

Cockroach Control Step 2: Meal to wipe off even the smallest food residue.

Store all food and drink items in your refrigerator or tightly-covered containers. Leaky faucets provide a good water supply for cockroaches, so check for any leakage as well.

Cockroach Control Step 3: Preventing their Entry to the House

As soon as food and water supply for cockroaches have been eradicated, the next crucial step is to stop them from entering your home. Cracks on doors and windows can serve as their hidden entrance to the house.

If you discover gaps or openings where they can crawl through, you can install weather stripping as covering. Metal clashing, drywall, or new wood can be used to cover holes in floorboards or walls.

Preventive cockroach control also includes caulking all holes you can find where cockroaches can pass through to get inside your home.

Cockroach Control Step 4: Exterminating them with Insecticides

Now that cockroaches have been blocked from your home, your next crucial step is to exterminate all those that remain. There are numerous brands of roach killers available on the market, most of them quite effective.

However, if you want a thorough elimination of these domestic pests, it is suggested that you seek the help of a professional exterminator as they make use of more powerful insecticides that assure total cockroach control.

An exterminator has access to different cockroach baits that work effectively against these insects. Gel baits are applied on surfaces where cockroaches crawl on, and granular baits are sprinkled around the home’s exterior to prevent the insects from entering the house. Bait stations are also set up inside the house.

Cockroach control is sure to be achieved if all these methods are combined. Always remember to practice safety precautions when eliminating these domestic pests.